Dr. Zimmerman, I wanted to thank you for our needling session. I am a relatively active 40 year old who loves running and playing basketball. I had been dealing with pain in my right Achilles for 2 years which had limited my ability to do either of those activities. I’ve done countless sessions of PT, rested it for months at a time, iced it daily, taken more ibuprofen and naproxen than I care to admit, and purchased a multitude of braces and tapes to help with support. I’ve been told it was tendonitis and I’ve been told it was scar tissue from a previous injury that would never go away. After one thirty minute needling session with you, the pain literally disappeared overnight. Your opinion was that my issue was in my calf muscle, so you chose to needle that area. After my session with you, I rested for 3 days and then went for a 3 mile run…..pain free. A couple of days later, I played basketball…..pain free. I am now running and playing basketball 4-5 times per week without any pain or bulky braces. This is the best I’ve felt in 2 years, thank you!


Dr. Lisa Zimmerman’s dry needling treatment on my left leg resulted in a quick and significant reduction in knee pain during day-to-day activities and workouts. As a result, my arthritic knees are almost completely pain free, and I have been able to resume my normal running and weightlifting routines such that I can complete workouts instead of having them prematurely shortened due to knee pain. Dr. Zimmerman took a tailored approach to the treatment based on my history of knee issues and observing motion and pain areas. In addition, she followed up by monitoring the improvement and providing advice on in-home stretching and other practices that can sustain the progress. I spent hundreds of dollars at a leading orthopedic surgeon’s office with no results previous to this. Given the results and my experience with Dr. Lisa’s treatment, I certainly plan to get additional treatments from her to maintain my knees.


I have had low back pain on and off for the past nine years since a lower back injury resulted in bulged discs shortly after my 1st child was born. Since then I’ve sought numerous methods of treatment- chiropractor, massage, acupuncture, pain medication and have worked with a couple of different physical therapists. All of this only provided temporary relief. Dr. Lisa Zimmerman’s passion for physical therapy shines in the work she does. With Dr. Zimmerman I never felt rushed or that I was just another person in an assembly line of patients. During each visit I worked directly with Dr. Zimmerman as she took her time to thoroughly assess my situation, provide pain relief with dry needling and manual therapy and worked with me on strengthening exercises. I especially appreciated the time she took to explain to me how the treatments and exercises would target my chronic low back pain. In addition to her expertise and passion for physical therapy, Lisa has a demeanor that is both professional and friendly. I would highly recommend Dr. Lisa Zimmerman, PT to anyone looking for a personalized physical therapy experience.