Dr. Zimmerman Will Help Relieve Your Pain

Dr. Lisa Zimmerman has been a practicing orthopedic physical therapist since 1999, and has received extensive training in manual therapy techniques for the relief of pain and restoration of proper movement patterns. In addition, she is a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist in Dry Needling through Myopain Seminars, located in Bethesda, MD. Dr. Zimmerman’s true passion is helping each individual regain their full functional mobility, pain-free, in an environment which is entirely patient focused. She graduated with honors with her Bachelor’s degree in Biology in 1997 from Loyola University in Maryland, with her Master’s of Science Degree in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University in Glenside, PA, and with her Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy with distinction honors from Arcadia University.

Dr. Lisa Zimmerman is a native of Severna Park, where she began her love of orthopedics when she played on the Severna Park Falcon field hockey and lacrosse teams. It was there that she became interested in rehabilitating injuries and in learning ways to correct the improper movement patterns that often lead to pain. From here, she focused her energy on learning more about the human body and biology at Loyola, where she continued to play field hockey and lacrosse at the club team level. Through her experience treating individuals for pain and movement dysfunction, Dr. Zimmerman learned that addressing soft tissue dysfunction is often the key to alleviating most pain and dysfunction in movement. Through this, she became interested in dry needling, and upon utilizing this treatment, has discovered one of the keys to assisting patients in their quest for pain free living.

After a number of years treating patients in environments which required her to minimize her time with each individual patient, Dr. Zimmerman opened her own practice which allows her the time needed to truly assess each patient individually and thoroughly so that she can bring each patient closer to their goal of functioning without pain. Please see our services page for more information.

​”My true passion is helping each individual regain their full functional mobility, pain free, in an environment which is entirely patient focused.” Dr. Lisa Zimmerman, DPT, CMTPT